Evansville Real Radio is an Indiana nonprofit corporation that sought to establish FM radio station in Evansville. The opportunity to start an FM station is past and the opportunity to do apply to the FCC will not manifest itself again for several years, if at all. Presently, we are working to begin a series of podcasts that will form the basis of a Christian web based radio station.

In the Christian part of our mission is not to only to share the Gospel, but to work out Biblical ethics in multiple areas of life. If you have an idea for a Christian Podcast please contact us.

In the civic realm our role is reminiscent of the town crier who conveys necessary information to the community.

More detailed information is available in the About page. Maintaining a presence on the interwebs does take some funding. If you want to help be a founder of the station, gifts can by made at the Give Page. To connect with the station and stay aware of progress; Sign Up for our newsletter.